Get ready to tickle your taste buds…

The joys of food, brought to you by Chef Lloyd Opatha and a team of talented culinary experts. An expert team of Chefs are standing ready to delight the guests with a tantalizing blend of classic dishes, offering a rich spread of German, Italian, Chinese, and Sri Lankan food, so the guests can savour a truly fascinating dining experience.

The well stocked Bar” THE AQUARIUM” offering a variety of premium liquors - the watering hole to meet and greet friends and business associates in a truly relaxing atmosphere.

With breathtaking ocean views and spectacular sunsets, you will cherish every moment whether you choose to soak in the soothing salt waters, stretch out with a good book, enjoy a relaxing meal or simply decide to gaze at the galaxy of stars at ”THE PLATINUM PIER RESTAURANT ”, you’ll find no better place to relax and unwind than this amazing hospitality hot spot; Mirage Colombo.